Thursday, January 7, 2010

I got a new job! A real one ... printing at a company near me, full time, 9 - 5. It is sweet. Less time for photography, but it pays more ;) Anyways. I have a few photographic goals for the new year.

Last year I photographed 40 shows, I will be happy with 24 this year (same goal as last year) I want to do at least a dozen commericial shoots for my portfolio. I need to get into gear on this one! Last year I only did 8 ...

I want to have my "leftovers" series printed professionally, and ready to show at a higher end gallery or whereever complete with artist statement and all. Right now its just printed on ink jet and cheap frames ... I was thinking 24x24 canvas?

I want to at least make progress printing "sunken City" this is going to be complicated and expensive. The prints are to be large, 5 or 6 feet by 2 or 3 feet. I would love to mount them to plex.

I want to FINISH my bookk A2. I should have it done by summer. I have 1st proof copy already made.

I want to shoot at least once for "Los Amigos". Its a pretty sketchy place to shoot, and I can't afford more than one ticket there a year ;)

and thats that. Well. there are more, but those are still in my head .... Oh.

So i went to Mika Miko's last show. Here are some images from it ...

I guess they have been a band since 2003, and the first time I saw them was in 2006 ... well ... it was the beggining of 2010 and its time for them to move on to other things, Mika Mikos last show (for now?) was at the smell on January 1st, they played the 30th, and 31st, I beleive all 3 days sold out. So how was the last show? Well. It was good. The damn band played for over an hour, played songs you have never heard before, played songs they play everytime, and played songs they havn't played in years. Balloons fell (sorta) confetti and sparkles rained everywhere, and sweat soaked kids where falling all over the place.

Mika Miko last show

Mika Miko last show

Mika Miko last show

Mika Miko last show

Mika Miko last show


thats the (one of several) singer, she decided to jump into the crowd after the set ..

What was photographing this like? Well it was a freakin pain the ass, thats what it was like. Christ I need to actually get paid for this. Why can't these bands be rich or something? Or at least have big record companies paying people to take photographs? Ohhh yeah .... I probably wouldn't be interested in photographing them if they did ...

It wasn't so hard getting up to the front this time, I went up after the 3rd band finished, and surprisingly squeezed in easy enough. Once it started ... it got kinda interesting. Its way to easy to get carried away shooting digital with an 8 gig card, you can squeeze the shutter all day and not run out of memory, so I tried to take my time photographing, I mean hell, this was going to be an hour long set, may as well guess and wait for when stuff that isnt normal is going to start happening ... and it did ... it worked out pretty well. I switched between ambient and on camera flash, Mika Miko like to turn the lights off, so ambient wasnt working out so well, not to mention it was impossible to hold my camera steady enough to shoot without the flash, anything under 125th turned out blurry from everyone bumping into me, at some point I managed to move from the left side of the stage to the right side, which was a good move, I am happy I did. I wanted to take some photos from different spots, but there was no way in hell I was getting my spot back if I moved ... so I stayed put.

This show was awesome, and you missed it, thats too bad, maybe they will play again in a year or so? April 1st perhaps?

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