Saturday, February 12, 2011

Starting to shoot a new documentary project on Santa Ana in a few hours ... will I share? Duh. Will I share right away? Ummm ... probably not until I figure out what I am doing. Right now I just have ideas in my head and a potential way to put it all together.

Brittany and Chris Engagment Photos

I met up with Brit and Chris in Old Town Orange at 3:30 last Saturday, the meeting point was O'Hara's. You can guess how we started.

After a couple of warm up beverages we were ready to embark on a short walk across moderately historic Old Town Orange.

I have been friends with Chris for more than a few years now, and it was really cool to see him make this leap. Getting engaged is quite the leap, and the next step is the really big leap. They are a great couple and I wish them the best in the future, if there is anyone out there in the world for Chris, it is going to be Brittany.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

St Johns Tattooery

My long time friend Johnny called me up the other week "Hey I am doing a Twilight Zone themed shoot for the shop, want to help?"

Hell yes I do.

Our influence for this shoot came from the episode Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up. I showed up about 2:30 and the makeup artists Matt and Bianca where already hard at working applying third eyes to Johnny and his crew. Eight fake eyes all together!

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