Saturday, February 12, 2011

Brittany and Chris Engagment Photos

I met up with Brit and Chris in Old Town Orange at 3:30 last Saturday, the meeting point was O'Hara's. You can guess how we started.

After a couple of warm up beverages we were ready to embark on a short walk across moderately historic Old Town Orange.

I have been friends with Chris for more than a few years now, and it was really cool to see him make this leap. Getting engaged is quite the leap, and the next step is the really big leap. They are a great couple and I wish them the best in the future, if there is anyone out there in the world for Chris, it is going to be Brittany.

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After the first location at Chapman College we took a short walk to the RR tracks, I wanted to get a shot of them with a train passing by behind them.

It was going to be about a fifteen minute wait until the train got there, so after relieving ourselves of some of the warm up beverages in the restroom we shot some test shots. The leaping into his arms photo wasn't working. I even clearly demonstrated it, but it just wasn't going to work. We opted for a simpler image.

The initial "OMG there is  a train passing by me at 40 miles an hour within an arms reach!" Just kidding on the arms reach, we were a good six feet from the yellow line.

I don't know what I was thinking, but I almost completely goofed the exposure on these! I metered for the shade ... and apparently, the shade on the other side of the train was a good stop or two darker than the shade I had metered for ... I was still able to pull these out, but there is a bit of noise in the shadows. Regardless, the shot came out pretty adorable.

Just to make sure I got the shot, we had another train passing us on the opposite side a few minutes later, so we scurried over and re-shot the initial concept. No time for a 3rd, the light was heading out and we still had a couple of spots ....

We went back to O'Hara's and grabbed the balloons that Brit had stashed there earlier and wandered into one of the many brick alleys in Old Town.

One of the problems with balloons is you really can not influence their direction at all. Sometimes this can be good.

Of course you are not seeing the other forty shots where it wasn't good.

For our final location we hit the fountain in the center of the Orange Circle. If you have never been, its a nice park in middle of the convergence of Glassell and Chapman. The whole area is pretty popular with film and photography, it is often portrayed in movies as that classic American Main St. By the time we got to the fountain we had pretty much lost the light, but we were still able to get some nice high ISO images out of it. I prefer to avoid the cliche spots anyways.

This is a case of "I wish it happened". I feel like it is sort of taboo to discuss your mistakes or the I wish I had thought of that moments, but screw it.  How cool would this have been if she had turned around to smile at him? I would have needed to be a few more inches to the left to really get the over the shoulder shot ... I was shooting to hopefully get something like that (the real thing is ALWAYS better than set up), but the idea hadn't fully formulated itself for me to just set the damn thing up. Now I know.

Finishing up at our start.

Come May I will shooting there wedding which I am both excited and nervous about ... its not every day you are playing two roles. I will be both the photographer and groomsmen. Sounds like some compelling perspectives to me.

Techy info for the one or two that care? Nah, not today. I will add that I love Old Town Orange though. If there was a place in Orange County that I HAD to settle with, it would be Old Town. The old houses are great, and I love the circle. One of the few places in Orange County that has a small town feel to it, independent small shops, vintage and antique stores, niche restaurants, a couple dive bars, and a couple higher end establishments mix it up to really be one of the best places to hang out in Orange County. I really wouldn't mind shooting more here either if anyone is interested hint hint wink wink.

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