Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Neon Black and the Prisims and Holy Roller

.... and back to photobucket I go for my image hosting. The Blogger hosting application is screwing with my images when I upload them today, far more trouble than its worth, kind of a bummer, bloggers way was a little bit faster and I had more control over the layout, maybe it will work better tomorrow ...

Anyways. These are some photos that I took at the Hellman Triangle a couple of weeks ago. Holy Roller and Neon Black and the Prisms played.


... and this band though I forget the name.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wow am I behind on things! I like to take a week to get these things up, but between working full time in the day, and working practically full time photographing, it is getting difficult. Just wait when I start school again in a few weeks ...

Anyways, enough complaining about the amount of hours in the day. I visited the Black Triange for the second time about a week and a half ago to go see a few friends bands. Dva Damas, Fiction, and Green Screen Door. 

Saturn was the first band that played.


I think they either changed their name to or from Animal Eye ... I am not sure on that one.

This seems like an appropriate place for a cut ... as always, click the link for more photos.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Blue Jungle, Cosmonauts, Cum Stain and otherrrrs @ Black Triangle

Welcome to the Black Triangle, Lately Blu Blu's new place. You might know her, she also helps run L'Keg and sings for Blue Jungle. The spot just opened up about a month ago, ok, well a month before this show, which was two weeks ago. You can add right? Anyways. This spot is amazing. Upstairs loft just West of Downtown Los Angeles on whatever street that is. I got to the show at 9PM assuming it would start a little past the posted start time of 8:30, and boy was I on the money!