Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Elephant & Audacity @ a house on halloween

Here we are. The day before Thanksgiving, I have the day off of work, I have ran my errands (mostly) and I am finally sucking it up and posting a few pictures from Halloween. I would normally use the fact that I was working on a wedding all month to reason my way out of not posting these sooner. Really though, I just plain didn't like any of these. Regardless, I sucked it up a few days ago and finally went through them. Turns out, they were not as horrible as I thought they were, and I even like a few of them ...

Click for photos of Sara Palin, a vagina with a head stuck in it, and some other republicans ....

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tiffany and Brians wedding

This wedding took place on the October 23rd at the Hacienda in Santa Ana.

Pam and I showed up at Tiffany and Brian's place bright and fairly early at 8am. The girls were all doing there thing running amok when we arrived. Hair stylists, make up artists, coffee, sweets and magazines were spread throughout the house. We set up and went to work.

I will shut up now and let my photography do the talkin:

Detail of Tiffany's dress.

As always, click on the link to continue and see the rest of the photographs.