Monday, November 22, 2010

Tiffany and Brians wedding

This wedding took place on the October 23rd at the Hacienda in Santa Ana.

Pam and I showed up at Tiffany and Brian's place bright and fairly early at 8am. The girls were all doing there thing running amok when we arrived. Hair stylists, make up artists, coffee, sweets and magazines were spread throughout the house. We set up and went to work.

I will shut up now and let my photography do the talkin:

Detail of Tiffany's dress.

As always, click on the link to continue and see the rest of the photographs.

The grooms shoes.

After getting her makeup and hair done we left to go meet up with the guys at the Hacienda down the street from their house. When we arrived I went to go hang out with the guys, and Pam stuck around with the ladies.

Now that's more like it! The venue gave Brian a single bottle of champagne to enjoy before the wedding. The bottle was finished off in about five minutes and the group had to go find other things to keep them occupied.

I wandered back to check on the ladies just in time to catch the flower girl arriving.

The new mother in law congratulating her new son.

Right? Real men wear pink socks. And they moonwalk.

She was almost as awesome as the guy with pink socks.

You can tell that their friends are important!

Yep. It was that kinda day time party. The bartender at the venue was VERY surprised with the group. Apparently day time weddings have a reputation for being dull and kinda slow. Not today ...

I can't wait to deliver their book to them next week ...

Pam Pritzker assisted me for this wedding. You can see her awesome work at

Alright, next up ... possibly some photos from a Halloween show I went to ... and definitely coming up fairly soon, photographs from the Maple St House with Crystal Antlers, Audacity, and Shannon and the Clams ... stay tuned all four or five or you ... stay tuned ...

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