Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Elephant & Audacity @ a house on halloween

Here we are. The day before Thanksgiving, I have the day off of work, I have ran my errands (mostly) and I am finally sucking it up and posting a few pictures from Halloween. I would normally use the fact that I was working on a wedding all month to reason my way out of not posting these sooner. Really though, I just plain didn't like any of these. Regardless, I sucked it up a few days ago and finally went through them. Turns out, they were not as horrible as I thought they were, and I even like a few of them ...

Click for photos of Sara Palin, a vagina with a head stuck in it, and some other republicans ....

Audacity was the 2nd band to play. They opened with an atrocious version of "Halloween" from the Nightmare before Christmas ... I saw Green Screen Door play the next night at another house show (no camera this night) and they did it too! Green Screen's version was a bit better.

Here's that vagina I was telling you about, it could totally have been a 50's horror movie. Attack of the man sized vagina?

Black Elephant AKA the future of Amerika.

Believe it or not, Sara Palin is actually a pretty talented drummer. I was impressed. I might have to stop hatin. Now I could easily go on a Sara Palin rant right now, but that's giving Palin way too much attention and she gets enough already, so I am just going to keep on going down the road with images ...

I don't remember the name of the band that was playing at this point. Really I am lucky to remember anything at all at this point.

Chelsea is looking good with her small asian girl around her neck. Who needs a dead animal to keep your shoulders warm when you can have a small asian girl for no cost at all.

So that was Halloween. Amazingly, I remember most of it. My girl friend had the great sense that I was on a bad road, and she made me leave. Good for her.

Alright! So I am almost caught up on photographs! Next up I will be posting pics from the Maple St show, there is a possibility of that happening today .. but I wouldn't count on it ... maybe tomorrow ... maybe Friday ... maybe next week ...

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