Saturday, December 11, 2010

Crystal Antlers, Audacity, Shannon and the Clams in LA

Whats new?

Well. Actually I have been really enjoying the last few weeks of not a whole lot! Really it hasn't been a whole lot of nothing ... just not a whole lot of actual shooting. I have been working on a book for the Boozy Floozy Burlesque Troupe ... I would love to have a rough draft of that finished by the new year. I have also been been working on a new portfolio for my wedding images. Its going to be a really nice hard bound 11x14 portfolio book. I have also invested in a new camera and a couple of new lenses :-). Nothing like a new camera to bring out the internal techy geek that itches around inside most photographers. What is more important? The image or the camera? I will answer the images any time, hell. The camera isn't even close. You can make great images with almost any camera, and the camera is just a tool, but the tool can be very helpful in creating the type of images that you imagine, and selecting the right camera and film combination can be key. You would never shoot a 4x5 at a baseball game expecting to get a crisp close up of the pitcher hurling a hundred mile per hour fast ball, nor would you use a 10 frames a second DSLR with 500mm f 2.8 lens on a pair of diamond earrings in the studio, and I definitely would not use a cell phone for either of them. No, I didn't buy either one of those camera options either. Though I have been VERY VERY tempted by 4x5's in the past ... and still am really. I love large format photography. OK. Enough of that?

I shot these a few weeks ago (!!) and I simply forgot about them. How I managed to forget about them, I don't really know, the images came out pretty great, and I consider this to be one of the better shows I have shot recently. Audacity, Crystal Antlers, Shannon and the Clams, Cold Showers and BomBon a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles.

BomBon from San Pedro. They play a garagey surfy rock n roll kinda like the 5,6,7,8's that is a bit less screachy.

Click the link for more, it will be a minute or two of your life you will not regret.

Shannon and the Clams from Oakland.

Come on bands, get off of myspace! It freezes my computer! I can't even look at pictures on there anymore!

Baque Chris from LA, Blaque Chris's buttons from all over. Mickey Mouse, from Anaslime.

This guy. Who knows. It might be fun to guess though.

Shannon of the Clams

Shannon part two.

The ever awkward "oh shit were doing coke off a dumpster in an alley and he just took a picture". Ironically, I think the one on the left is taking a picture too. Camera phone center, I would love to say hes taking a picture too, but he is probably just using it as a flash light. No, they didn't let me take a picture. I just did it. After I was promptly kicked out of their pow wow.

Johnny of the Crystal Antlers.

Damion of the Crystal Antlers being Damion. Oh he gets better too.

The Crystal Antlers are one of my favorite local bands and it was great nice to finally photograph them in an environment that was as interactive as this one.

Audacity of Fullerton.

At this point in the night, disaster struck. No, it wasn't the police. No no one brought a gun. No, no one went into a drunken spasm projectile vomiting all over the band and the crowd. I was in the front doing what I do, and one of my friends tripped and started to fall. In a futile attempt to stop his fall, he grabbed onto my flash. My flash of course is attached to my camera, which is attached to me. Well. My flash became detached my from my camera, while my camera was still attached to me. The unfortunate causality of this fiasco was my hot shoe. It was still attached to my flash. My friend was fine.

The epic photo documenting the moment by Genny Davis.I love the guy behind me shoving me, while the other guy is running around with  my flash. Note the hot shoe with the four lil screws still sticking out. Yep. Suckage. It actually wasn't as horrible a fix as you might imagine, and it wasn't the first time this has happened. Interestingly, the other time this happened was while I was photographing a wedding last year. Seriously. A wedding.

Till next time folks, adios.

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  1. Great images of Audacity. My son Cameron is the bass player. Thanks for posting. You really capture the emotion of the music.