Friday, January 25, 2013

Inwood part one.

I recently starting shooting a new project up in the neighborhood next door to me; Inwood. A little bit about it I suppose, Inwood is the northern most neighborhood on the island of Manhattan (Marble Hill is the farthest north in the borough) it is home to Inwood Hill park, and is mostly populated by immigrants from the Dominican Republic. I started photographing in Inwood a few weeks ago as an exercise in black and white photography to reacquaint myself with film. I have a larger project that is in my head, and I am not sure of which black and white film I will be shooting it with. I also feel that living in Washington Heights, I have such great access to Inwood it would be a shame not to photograph something there! It reminds me a lot of Santa Ana except in a much more isolated form, while Santa Ana was smack dab in the middle of everything, Inwood is extremely isolated. Broadway is the only major street that connects it with Washington Heights, while Harlem River Dr and the Henry Hudson Pkwy are the highways on the east and west sides. This is a small neighborhood, and I mean this to be a small and somewhat brief project, but you know how things like that go. All of a sudden you have shot a couple thousand pictures and your somewhat brief project is taking a year to complete.

I am shooting this project with a variety of black and white films, so far I have used Kodak Plus X 125,Kodak T Max 400, Ilford Delta 100, and Fuji 400. I am photographing with a Canon F-1 New with either a 50 1.4 or a 20 2.8.