Friday, August 13, 2010

Wow am I behind on things! I like to take a week to get these things up, but between working full time in the day, and working practically full time photographing, it is getting difficult. Just wait when I start school again in a few weeks ...

Anyways, enough complaining about the amount of hours in the day. I visited the Black Triange for the second time about a week and a half ago to go see a few friends bands. Dva Damas, Fiction, and Green Screen Door. 

Saturn was the first band that played.


I think they either changed their name to or from Animal Eye ... I am not sure on that one.

This seems like an appropriate place for a cut ... as always, click the link for more photos.

I am thrilled I figured out how to do that by the way. Next I will have to edit my blog to look uber fancy ...

One of the issues of blogging about a show a week and a half later is its difficult to write about details. Either, I am going to have to start doing these things in a timely manner, which is kinda a pain in the ass to rush images through when they are just for my own personal stuff ... or I need to get a lil more professional and bring a notebook with me ...

Fiction is one of the new Long Beach combo bands that have been forming, this one consists of Bowder of Le Face and Jonny and Mike from Gestapo Khazi (and among other things).

At this point in the night I really felt like the flash/wide angle combo wasn't working for the music, swapped to my 24 - 70 2.8 and cranked the ISO. All the BW's are pushed AT LEAST a stop on top of maxed out ISO.


Dva Damas

I believe they had a record release on Thursday (yesterday) that I missed.

Back to the flash ....

Lately Blu Blu and ..... Corey ... crap. I don't think so. Owell.

You get the idea. Show was mondo good. Visit the Black Triangle.

Oh hey! Look at that, I found the spell check button! Sweet! Now my writing will only be mildly ri-tarded instead of full blown!

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