Monday, August 2, 2010

Blue Jungle, Cosmonauts, Cum Stain and otherrrrs @ Black Triangle

Welcome to the Black Triangle, Lately Blu Blu's new place. You might know her, she also helps run L'Keg and sings for Blue Jungle. The spot just opened up about a month ago, ok, well a month before this show, which was two weeks ago. You can add right? Anyways. This spot is amazing. Upstairs loft just West of Downtown Los Angeles on whatever street that is. I got to the show at 9PM assuming it would start a little past the posted start time of 8:30, and boy was I on the money!

I hung out for a bit, and decided screw it. I want a beverage, so JoV and I cruised to the nearest open liqueur store, Georges, off of Temple. Its the popular destination. Go there 1st, and then the Black Triangle. You may be told its a walkable distance. This is a lie. Sure, its walking distance if you want to be back at the show in an hour. I want to be back in twenty minutes, yeah know?

The show was runnin just a bit late, and music finally started at about 11. The place took a while to fill up, but once it did, it was full. 40 people fill the place no problem. Very intimate, I really like small spaces. There is no stage, so the bands are right there with the people that are there to see the bands. It has the feel of a good house show, which in my opinion, is a very good thing. There is no separation of audience and entertainment, everything mingles.

I believe this was Starskate ... I picked up their album for a whopping price of 3$, and then proceeded to leave it in JoV's purse. Hear that JoV? I kinda want it back ... burn it ... but give it back. Por Favor?

Whats in a Double Big Gulp? Well. I can guess its not a cola, and its definitly not a slurpee ... I wonder what it could be ....

Peg Leg Love

The Cosmonauts were awesome. Buncha people showed up for them, and they were really good. This was my second time seeing them play, and my 1st time photographing. Go see em. Best new thing outta Orange County.


So what'd you guess? If you went with boxed wine AKA the infamous space bag emptied into a massive cup, then you would have won. I would go far as to guess the flavor based on color alone to be Franzia Cabernet.

This is Larry. Larry is amazing.

This is Sean. Sean will try to lick you. He is just a Cum Stain.


Semi-impromptu Semi-acoustic set. Drummer issues. This seemed to be contagious.

This is Larry. Did I mention Larry is amazing.

By this time it was pretty late ... I am not sure how late. Canon reset my camera the other week and didn't fix the time! So its all outta whack. I haven't fixed it yet either ... something I need to do ... prolly right now that I think about it ...

This is Ogre Mash Death Boom. I want to say they were from Minnesota, though they could have been Canadian. Musically, they were not so great, but the singer was hilarious.

Tellin you man. Larry stole the show. Once Larry left his cage, there was no stoppin him.

Family Portrait O Lately Blu Blu

So. The contagious drummer thing struck again, this time with Blue Jungle. They tried to do an acoustic set at 1:30 in the morning, and it just didn't work out. A frustrated Blu Blu walked off leaving the rest of the band to play a couple more songs before calling it quits for the night.

Well, that was pretty much that. Blue Jungle probably was going to be amazing. They tend to be that way, so I will encourage you to check them out anyways.     

I am sure I will be seeing them play for realz sometime soon. I will also be back at the Black Triangle again very soon. I really liked this place, and will even be showing some work there possibly as soon as October. If this seems like the kinda thing you would be into, definitely go.

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