Saturday, July 31, 2010

Casey and Steves Wedding

June 26th, 2010. Its hard to beleive that this was already a month ago! This was the day of Steve and Casey's wedding in Pasadena. I was up relitively early for this one, at the salon just before 10am, and I photographing until almost 11pm! Not such a terrible day, in fact I really enjoyed it.

I am going to do something a bit different with this post and try to use bloggers photo upload system instead of my usual photo bucket aproach ... well see how things work out!

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While the girls were doing their thing at the salon, the boys were doing their thing back at the house. Watching the world cup. I got there at a good time, and the USA scored a goal, too bad they still ended up behind in the end.

We got to the church about 2pm for Casey getting ready.

The boys got there just a few minutes later, and the girls scurried off back into the church to avoid being seen. With the girls gone, Chris and I hung out with the guys for a bit and did their photos.

The days not over yet!

Back at the house ....

I kinda like this blogger
system ... but its not a
perfect system .... better
than the simple "post HTML here" of photobucket though ...

Casey and Steve made the wise desicion of having a live band play at their wedding instead of the standard DJ. GOOD CHOICE. The band played until the party got shut down. Really, they did.

Told yeah. Shut down. Luckily it was ending at this time anyways, well, not really ending, but moving. The bride, groom and of their friends headed off to the hotel for the rest of the night. Who knows how much is actually remembered, but from what I hear, there were plenty of photos.

Next wedding, Next week ... next wedding post, next month ;o)

Thanks Chris for assisting me with this wedding! There are a lot of your shots in their wedding album!

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