Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sean and Nichole's wedding

These are all shots that I photographed at Sean and Nichole's wedding earlier this month. It was a great backyard wedding that was attended by all of their friends and family. Nicole and Sean have both been incredibly grateful of photographs and could not have been better hosts. I co-shot this wedding with Pam Pritzker of www.pampritzker.com.

Blue Champagne?

The Mac N Cheese was amazing! The salad was a mixture of watermelon and feta cheese chunks .... who'd a thought it would be really good? I was cautious at first, but that went away pretty quick!

Yes. It was a tasty cake.

We dropped the photographs off with them just a couple of days ago, they were both thrilled. We will be working together again this Saturday for Tiffany and Brian's wedding ... it should be my last one of the year, and I am really looking forward to it. They were both present at another wedding I shot earlier this year, and that was a blast, so this one should be particularly awesome.

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