Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Okie Dokie @ Women Of Crenshaw House

As the above title states, these are photographs from said show in LA. This all went down after 10 PM on a Tuesday night. Not such bad things for a Tuesday night. Okie Dokie was rad, Frances Harold no showed, and Mentira Mentira proved to be a pleasant surprise while Blissed Out put me to sleep.

The house was rad, being a fan of small intimate shows, I found the living room to be pretty enjoyable. Parking was easy, the yard was full of comfortable grass to sit on, and there was a liqueur store across the street. My first time at this house, but not the first show I have wanted to go to here. The last one was Audacity a couple of months ago ... I actually completely forgot about this show until I saw a flyer for it at another show I went to the next night, ooops. O'well, I redeemed myself this night by going out on a work night, yes that's right, I went to show that didn't even start until after 10 PM on a night I had to be up for work at 4 AM. Now that's dedication. Or just plain stupid. Either way, this is where I was.

As the introduction so eloquently implied, Frances no showed, which bummed me out a bit. They were one of the two bands that I went there to see. Shit happens, and Okie Dokie made it pretty Ok.


They are easily one of my favorite OC punk bands to see.

There's my buddy Genny a.k.a. Darla DeVille, getting down on the right.

Genny explains the rules of Roller Derby via a small bound notebook. I swear that in the full size version there is actually detail in it and its not just a blown out white blob. Theres a circle, with a smaller circle and some other dots thrown in to represent derby girls ....

Mentira Mentira of Montteray Mexico. They were actually my 2nd Mexican band of the weekend, and both bands were good. Go Mexico go! These guys were good, and also pleasant to hang out with after the set. The singer was kind enough to hook up an EP cd which is pretty decent. I am interested to see what else they end up doing ...


After their set I went outside and hung out with people I didn't know.

Ahhh, Wednesday at 12:30 AM, who has school or work the next day anyways? Not me .... wait ...

Blissed Out from NYC. I don't know. They kinda sorta, just a lot a bit put me to sleep. Maybe they had a really long dull intro on the keyboards before playing something I would enjoy, or maybe after having two bands open that were actually fun to watch was a bad idea ... or maybe their music was really good and I just wasn't in the right frame of mind for it ... or maybe I should just stop making excuses for simply not being into it. Either way, they looked fun, but the reality of waking up in 3 hours for work had set in, and it was time to peace out.


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