Wednesday, September 22, 2010

THE RETURN. After a minor break.

Wow, its been a month since my last post?! How does that happen? Oh I know how, I just get super busy with the 9 - 5 and photography! So what have I shot in the last month? Umm, a wedding, a couple portfolio shoots for models, a couple music shows, and a burlesque show and I went for a week long road trip up the coast. Is it ok that I neglected my blog for a month? I think so. Well, now that I have some breathing room, lets get this figured out. What should I put up first?

Screw it, lets start at the beginning and put up the wedding. Ok, not the whole thing. Only a few highlights.

Click for more of course, 16 more to be precise ... Kate and Patricks wedding ...

Wait what? Where did that come from? Yes, that's right, they had a fire show! People blowing fire, dancing with fire, and a minor freak show complete with a blockhead act and glass walking. SWEET.

How much fun is this?

Of course, following the bride into the room, well that's just plain rude. I went to the bridesmaids room instead ... we are not aloud to see those. Just some photographs of a guy with a knife, women in a bath tub and more in their underwear, you know how that goes. It is possible that I am lying ... but maybe I am not ;o)

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