Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hoodstock Los Angeles

Alright, lets try this again. So last week I tried posting a couple more blogs and the image uploader that comes stick with blogger was being a real bitch. It seems it likes to change the way it uploads every few days. After messing with it for about an hour each day, I decided screw it, I didn't have time to fuss. Today we will try again though.

These are photos from the Hoodstock show in downtown LA the other week. It all happened at the Sex and it was a jolly good time, starting out fairly slow and building momentum until Japanther finished it all off. Interestingly there really are not any photos of Japanther, not that they weren't good, I just didn't photograph them. I had fun just hanging out in the front. Anyways, on to some images, since that's why we are all here, we all meaning my potentially pretend audience that is.

Alright, well this new strategy of adding photos seems to be working, so whatever. Now, back to our programing:

This is Street Eaters from the bay area. I really liked them, so you should too. http://www.myspace.com/streeteaters They were cool people and grabbed me a CD, which I listened to and dig.They remind me  a bit of the Selby Tigers. They are on my list to check out again when they are back in the area.


This band was pretty awesome too. Unstoppable Death Machines from Brooklyn/Queens. They played a couple days later at the Smell with ... who the hell was it ... in either case, I failed to attend. Work at 5AM tends to do that, though I am not letting that stop me tonight ...


JuiceBoxxx, soooo not my thing, but holy hell he was entertaining and the crowd loved him, and sometimes fun is all its about. Approach with caution.

I suppose its a strange kinda awesome.    http://www.myspace.com/officialjuiceboxxx

So if JuiceBoxxx was a strange kinda awesome, these girls were a strange kinda hella fucking awesome.

Hottub from Oakland. Knowing they are from Oakland, it kinda figures.

Apparently there is actually three of em. The third one was out with a cold, too bad, cause these two were pretty damn amazing. I have to see them with the third now.

Once again, not quite my thing to listen to while I am driving around or hanging out in my room, but jeez. The live show was effing amazing. The caution approach would work well for them too, you will probably either love em or hate em, and you probably know it already. http://www.myspace.com/hottub94608

One of the only shots I took during Japanther. They were fucking good, but I had more fun just hanging out, they weren't the only good band I didn't photograph, Koalacaust was also pretty awesome. You can even download their 1st album for free, which I did, I was not disappointed.

Tonight I will be sacrificing sleep to go see Frances Harold and the Holograms and Okie Dokie at a house in LA ... should be pretty sweet ...

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