Sunday, May 20, 2012

updated website

I updated my website this afternoon: . I simply added the "Fashionable Portraits" portfolio onto it. Really, most of these photos have been on my site in some form or another. They occupy an awkward middle ground. All of these shots were created for the purpose of being something or another, whether that something or another was for use in a models portfolio as head shots, or the hair stylist portfolio for their use or maybe just a school project. Often times they were created simply for my portfolio for an opportunity to play with light and a new model. I don't feel comfortable calling them fashion photography or portrait work. They are not quite personal work, nor are they strictly commercial work. The middle ground that they occupy is both less than more than their sums. Awkward.

Anyways. I have been going through the thousand or so photos I took while traveling cross country. Wow. It was a really amazing trip. Hopefully soon I will have the time to really look at them. Right now I am incredibly busy finding an apartment as well as a new job. Jobs are important, so are homes. I would like both please.

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