Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alright, thanks Blogger for changing your menus. It only took me a few minutes to fumble through and re-discover how to post a blog.

Enough of that eh? Ok, I just got to New York! Tomorrow will be my first time in the city. For now I am staying in a suburb on Long Island. I am hoping to have an apartment by the 1st of June. Until then, I am posting everything from my really slow and under powered lap top. Editing truly is a task on this thing. We will see what I can make happen.

Drove cross country, took the scenic route for as much of it as I could afford. My route was San Diego to Tuscon, to Alamogorod NM, to Roswell NM, to Fort Worth TX to Austin TX to Lafyette LA to New Orleans LA to Baton Rouge LA to Memphis TN to Nashville TN and then it was a pretty crooked shot to NYC. I tried to avoid the interstates as much as possible except at the end when time finally really mattered. I will post more on this later.

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