Saturday, March 17, 2012

A bit of minor news. I am moving to NYC in a month and a half! OK, I won't actually be there until mid May, but I am leaving California on May 1st. Exciting stuff. I am going to be driving cross country, through the southern states and then up the East Coast. Expect a lot of photos from that! In the mean time, I am incredibly busy with getting stuff in order.

In other minor news. I finished putting Santa Ana into a portfolio. You can purchase a copy for yourself through Blurb. A little pricey, but it looks pretty awesome. I will potentially update it at some point with an essay of some kind, but for now its mostly photos with a tiny bit of writing. It looks pretty amazing in person.

These are a few shots from the Hickey Underworld. A small part but extremely important part of my project "Unknown". The Hickey was a punk house in Long Beach. It was off Magnolia and Anaheim, and once a month they would host a mixture of local and touring bands. Some of the shows got pretty ridiculous. These four shots came from the show where Andrew Jackson Jihad headlined. The place had to have a couple hundred kids there. The police broke the show up at 10, but a lucky few dozen got ushered into the house. After the police left, Andrew Jackson played and it was ridiculous. These shots were before all that, during the opening acts.

The house itself was an unassuming home. On a regular night you would have no idea what kinda shit was going down. On party nights, there would be kids spilling out of the house all over the patio. Bicycles chained to the fences. 40ozs on the lawn.

After a few shows they started charging a few bucks at the door. All of the money went to the touring bands, and to fix the occasional broken window.

I believe this band was Merry Christmas. Local band, and all of their friends knew the words.

The Hickey Underworld attracted one of the best crowds of any show that I have been to. Nearly everyone was there to have fun. I don't remember anyone starting fights. I only remember everyone having way too much fun.

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