Monday, February 6, 2012

What do talk about today?! I don't know. Hmmm.

I know! Lets post a picture or two!

It amazes me how discreet you can be with a professional body and lens mounted onto an equally massive tripod. Ok, so I was not discreet, just ignored. Fine with me. Photographing this project, I would walk up and down each side the street moving from one building to the next. I do not photograph every building, but I photograph most of them. This kid knew I was coming, and still just pretended I didn't exist.

The civic center in downtown Santa Ana is a Mecca to Orange County homeless. Any day that you are down there you will find the landscape dotted with trash bags, sleeping bags, a tent or two, and the homeless that they belong to. I didn't want to directly photograph the clusters of homeless people, but I still wanted them to be a part of this project. As a society we try to ignore them, but they are always around, and there is always signs.

The children in the background is jut the icing on the cake. Their mother was trying to take a picture of them with the fighter jet on a cell phone. I offered to take a picture of them with my camera and I would send it to her. I switched to a longer lens for the kids, and I went back to my wide angle for my shot. This project is thick with symbolism, and this image is no different.

I was walking back to my truck late in the afternoon after spending the last few hours photographing the Henniger Park neighborhood. I passed a school bus that was parking along the street, the bus was filled with what looked like the Santa Ana High school baseball team. I set up just passed the bus facing a fence with their home field in the background. I was hoping to get a few shots of the team passing by. One at a time, they slipped through this hole in the fence to get back to their school. One of the kids asked what I was photographing for. I answered that I was photographing a documentary about Santa Ana. The kid yelled back as he was walking "Ahh so you can see how ghetto it is here!". A second kid chimed in "Yeah don't come here!". Half truths and sarcasm.

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