Friday, February 17, 2012

Boozy Floozy

Tonight I am going to share, or possibly re-share (depending on how far back in my blog you have gone) a few images from my series "Boozy Floozy". As you may or may not know, Boozy Floozy is a series I shot documenting the Boozy Floozy Burlesque Troupe of Orange County. I followed them around for a year, shooting just about every show they did, backstage and on. Shooting these girls was an incredible privilege. They are amazing, and I hope that you can appreciate them from just the photographs!

I suppose this falls into the realm of cliche girls pictures but I can't help myself with it. I completely expect this type of image from this series, and this one completely fulfills my wishes for it to exist within the series.

Simone Danalustrous's fan dance. When I think of iconic images of a Vegas showgirl, this is one of the images that comes up. The light was perfect on her, and you can barely tell the file is an underexposed 3200 ISO shot (honestly, all of these are). I am a huge sucker for large amounts of negative space. Throughout the series, I use shots like this as the "candy". The images that you really just can't help but want to look at.

The Balloon Pop. She starts out with lots of balloons, ends up with none. What is under the balloons? Please. You know what's under the balloons. Bella would fill the balloons with glitter so that with every pop she would shimmer. With this photograph I got the main light perfectly back lighting the glitter as one of her balloons bursts. This was a shot that I overlooked at first, but I found myself coming back to recently. Every night that I shot this dance, I would try to get the moment the balloon popped. This was a far better image than I was hoping for.

Hands are amazing, they tell can tell us everything.I love her chipped fake nails and bandaged finger. Her hands don't look like the delicate female hands that we would like to imagine.

Just in case you are wondering. I am in the process of self publishing this series as a book. I am going to take a huge risk and go out and say that I am aiming for May for it to be finished. Crap. Now I really have to finish it by then!

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