Thursday, September 13, 2012


As the title of this blog hints, I will be showing the remainder of my trip cross country in this blog, but first some news.

I just updated my site I removed my weddings album and added the album "Main St Orange County. It is short  for the full title of "Santa Ana: Main street Orange County". Unfortunately, too many letters for my site. Owell. It looks good!

I also have separated my consumer work from my personal work. You can find my consumer work now at Yes, that is a little long of a URL and it does host some advertising on it, but hey, its separate, and it works great with my budget. I still have the portfolio "fashionable Portraits" on my personal work site, as this body of work is a mixture of both ... so it will occupy the slot that it is currently in for the time being. That may or may not change.

I am not finished updating JamesAndrewPhotography nor am I finished building JamesAndrewPortraits just yet. They are both work in progresses, as it tends to be. So stay tuned, and check back in and see what I have done.

From Louisiana we drove North along highway 61. We made a point to take a smaller highway. Hell, we made a point of taking smaller highways for as much of the trip as we could afford to! I would have loved to take side streets the whole trip, but that would have taken a bit too long. You just see so much more when you get off the interstate!

One of two plantations we visited. We wanted to take a historical tour of a plantation while we were in Mississippi, it didn't work. We got a tour alright, but it wasn't very historical. Built by rich white people 200 years ago, and still used by rich white people today. The slaves quarters are a bed and breakfast! The tunnels used by the slaves to get to the main house are used as storage! Jeez, talk abut pretending like nothing bad ever happened.

The view from the soil in a corn field.

This was the other plantation we visited. These are the Windsor ruins near Port Gibson. Accidentaly burned down by a servant. I am sure it was on accident.


Memphis Tennessee. It was one of our favorite places.

Where MLK was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel. The Civil Rights Museum was great! If you visit Memphis you need to add this to your to do list.

Walking around downtown Memphis.

Where ever you go, things are always the same.

This is another must do activity in Memphis. The Sun tour was great.

Everywhere we go cross country you run into different types of memorials, the stuffed animals memorial was unique to Memphis. Dozens of stuffed animals nailed to the pole.

Elvis's grave in Memphis. The tour of Grace land is way too expensive for people on a budget, so we went to the early morning grave visit. They let you in to the graves site for free between 7 and 9am!

Memphis was a very interesting city, its a mixture of post industrial city still dealing with white flight and economic down turn. At the same time there is a bit of a resurgence in the downtown area, not just in the touristy section on Beale St, but all over. It feels like a city that nearly hit bottom but has managed to pull its self up a bit and is slowly rebuilding itself.

Following Memphis we drove East to Nashville, explored Nashville for an evening. Another city we may want to visit again, and after that, it was pretty much straight through to NYC. We had met our budget, and it was now down pouring on us. It proceeded to down pour from Memphis all the way to NYC. No fun. No fun at all. The rest of the trip was super fun though. I would do it again in a heart beat.

Thanks for reading!

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