Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lets end this hiatus

First the only hiatus I have been on; is this blog. I have actually been shooting a butt-crap of my own projects. Yes, that is a real word. I declare it. Tonight though I am going to be easing back into it. I am in the middle of a lot of work. Including wrapping up a documentary project I have been photographing since January, and curating my first show which is opening in June! I won't mention that I am moving ...

Anyways. Tonight is about derby, roller derby. OC roller derby.  I had the honor of photographing the OC roller girls opening bout on Saturday May 7th. It was their first every game on their new banked track that they went completely DIY with and built themselves. I should re-state got to photograph part. I am friends with a couple of the girls, and I requested a pass to shoot early on. Things get busy and stuff gets pushed back, lets just say I didn't get the pass. After talking to one of the women in charge I was advised "just got for it". So I did. I walked in without a problem, definitely one of the plus's of having a camera far too large too JUST be doing it for fun (even though I was just doing it just for fun), a good chunk of security won't bother checking you for the proper passes. I photographed starting in the 2nd period and got a good five minutes before getting kicked out. Back to my seats in the next level up for the rest of the period. Following half time, I went for it again. This time minus my jacket and hat. Ah Ha! I thought, a disguise will get me all the time I want! It almost did too. I spent a good ten minutes down on the floor before security kindly requested I show them a photo pass. I was just about to leave too. Definitely the down side of real venues, security. Oh well. I got what I wanted. The game was really fun, I really liked derby on the banked track, and I really want to go see them when they play the LA Derby Dolls in August. So I guess pictures? Have I typed enough words with catch phrases for this possibly be picked up by google? Maybe on page 3 or 4 ...

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